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Description, The overworld sprite of Toriel. Type, Overworld Sprite Toriel (/ˈtɔːɹiəl/ TOR-ee-el) is the second major character the protagonist encounters in. PC / Computer - Undertale - The #1 source for video game sprites on the internet! Toriel. Undyne. Undyne. W.D. Gaster & Followers. W.D. Gaster & Followers. UNDERTALE Toriel Betrayal (Colored Sprite Mod) - Duration: Draco views · · Undertale.

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She explains the motive of her arrival was the realization that the protagonist would have to take a life to leave, and that she had been trying to prevent such a thing from the beginning. Toriel is a kind monster that acts as a protective mother for the protagonist. An overworld sprite for the ballet shoes. Please enter the text below: Two unused frames of Photoshop Flowey's "Finger Gun" attack still have the hand connected to an arm, as opposed to being photoshopped together with vines. Toriel cares for humans who fall into the Ruins, and the protagonist is no exception.